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February to December, 2019

Our HQ Infinity SAV Co. Ltd. in Korea is assembling the final production model of MG10. Please see the various photos and videos of the long process to ensure the end product is of top notch quality.

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February 14, 2019

Our HQ Infinity SAV Co. Ltd. in Korea has successfully completed the 5-hour non-stop demonstration of the prototype on a remote island at the south west coast of Korea.


The objective is to test it on the shore of a tiny island without any sources of power. We connected a few devices with total load of 3.5kwh to it and let it ran for at least 5 hours non-stop. The whole process was documented on camera by a professional film unit, by an independent Youtube blogger and various attendees.


We’ve carried out a huge preparation work to make sure that most of the doubts about this technology will be finally dispelled. As we’re gradually reaching the end of our work on the first production model, we believe it is time now to present to the world what our technology is capable of.The event was attended by a few people from the Korean government and several important persons that we invited. The final video was uploaded on YouTube by the blogger first, and an official version later was uploaded to our channel.


Please understand that this was a very important step for us, it was the first time we demonstrated this prototype in an open space, in freezing temperature, and for many people to witness at once.


The prototype was build to last for a month but now is almost 3 years old and no parts have been replaced, it has already proven many times that it works to over a hundred of people who visited us last year. And now we’ve  demonstrated it in a much more difficult environment.This success gave us the necessary boost to attract attention of like-minded individuals to help bring this technology to a mass production level.



August 15, 2018

Infinity SAV Malaysia Sdn Bhd reached a significant milestone by signing the exclusive distributorship agreement for Malaysia market with our HQ Infinity SAV Co Ltd in Korea.


Infinity SAV Malaysia Sdn Bhd was represented by Chai Sung Choong (CEO) and Infinity SAV Co Ltd was represented by Andrii (Founder) and Sean (CEO).

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